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The Career Criminal Prosecution Program was established by the Office of the District Attorney in 1991. It is the longest running special prosecutions program in our office. The design and policy of the Career Criminal Prosecution Program is to resist the pretrial release of defendants being prosecuted under the program and to seek the most severe punishment authorized for convicted defendants. This program specifically targets repeat offenders and aggressively prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law. The policy and position of the program is to resist delay in prosecution and seek expeditious resolution of cases.

The Career Criminal Prosecution Program is a true vertical prosecution program targeting repeat offenders. The program specifically addresses the problem of repeat offenders by treating them as individual criminals. Vertical prosecution allows for one prosecutor to handle a case from filing of charges to sentencing of the defendant. The program targets robbery, burglary, car jacking, arson, grand theft and receiving stolen property.

Offenders committing any of these crimes and having previously been convicted of specified crimes or who have several felony convictions, are specially prosecuted by this unit. A high percentage of this unit's cases are "Three Strikes" cases resulting in life terms for the offenders. Only experienced and trained prosecutors are assigned to this program. Caseloads are reduced so that program attorney's can focus maximum attention to these cases. This intense level of concentration yields increased convictions and sentences, thus limiting the possibility of a repeat offense by those defendants prosecuted under the Career Criminal Prosecution Program.


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