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  The Bureau of Criminal Prosecutions is separated into seven divisions – Visalia Division; Porterville Division; Juvenile Division; Major Crimes Division, which includes specialized units in Homicides, Gangs and Career Criminals; Financial Crimes Division which includes units in White Collar Crime, Welfare Fraud, Workers Comp. Fraud, Auto Insurance Fraud, Real Estate Fraud; Family Protection Division, which includes units for Child Sexual Assault, Rape, Violence Against Women, Elder Abuse, Child Abduction, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, and Domestic Violence; and Community Protection Division, which prosecutes felony DUI cases, Agricultural Crimes, and Auto Theft.  
Major Crimes Division
 Violent Crimes  Gang Violence Suppression Unit Career Criminal Unit

This division consists of seven attorneys and one supervising attorney.  This division is responsible for prosecuting career criminals, assaults against peace officers, murders and criminal street gangs.  These attorneys, located in the Visalia Office, vertically prosecute cases arising throughout the county which fall within targeted areas.

  Financial Crimes  
 White Collar Auto Theft Auto Insurance Fraud  Welfare Fraud/Child Support
   Workers Compensation Fraud  Consumer Fraud  Real Estate Fraud  

This division consists of nine attorneys and one supervising attorney.  Operating primarily out of the Visalia Office, this division is responsible for the prosecution of cases arising anywhere in the County which come within the areas of White Collar Crime, (embezzlement, economic crime), Auto Theft, Auto Insurance Fraud, Welfare Fraud/Child Support, Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, Agricultural Crime, and Public Administration matters.  Cases are handled using the true vertical prosecution model.

  Family Protection Division  
 Rape    Domestic Violence/Violence Against Women   Child Abuse & Child Abduction
 Elder Abuse    Driving Under Influence (DUI)

This division consists of five attorneys and one supervising attorney. Operating out of the Visalia Office, this division is responsible for the prosecution of felony cases arising anywhere in the County which come within the areas of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Adult Sexual Assault, Child Abduction, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, Elder Abuse, and Violence Against Women. Cases are handled using the true vertical prosecution model.

  Porterville Division  
  The Porterville Division prosecutes nearly 5,000 cases per year from felonies to misdemeanors for the cities of Lindsay to Porterville and outlining areas. This is the second highest total number of cases prosecuted within Tulare County. Cases range from driving under the influence, thefts, assaults, and other violent crimes. Though the cases that are prosecuted are broad, the division has a specially assigned gang prosecutor who handles prosecution of gang related crimes.  
  Juvenile Division  
  The Juvenile Division of the Office of the District Attorney prosecutes all felony and misdemeanor juvenile cases for the county and all cities within the County of Tulare. From traffic matters to homicides, rapes and vehicular manslaughter, prosecutors in the juvenile division screen cases for informal supervision, certification to adult court and traditional prosecution.

Serious and violent offenders are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law which could include trials in the adult division of Superior Court. In addition, probation violators are held accountable for failing to obey court orders.

First time offenders may be found eligible by the court to participate in a “Deferred Entry of Judgment” program which allows minors to have their crime expunged if certain conditions are met. These conditions may include, but are not limited to court ordered restitution, obeying all laws, attending school, completing community service and favorable reports from the Juvenile Probation Department.

The Office of the District Attorney recognizes the impact of gang crimes in the community and the importance of attempting to stop juvenile involvement in gangs. To this end, a deputy district attorney is assigned to vertically prosecute juvenile gang cases.
  Community Prosecution Division  
  The Community Prosecution Unit taps the creativity of the District Attorney’s Office by placing a prosecutor in the local community. The program is designed to deter youthful offenders from involvement with juvenile crime and hold them accountable to repair the harm that they have caused to the victims of crime, the community and themselves. This program is the first of its kind in Tulare County and is being piloted in the communities of Alta Vista in East Porterville, Pixley in the south county and Goshen in the north county.

The prosecutor will work with the local citizens, businesses and schools to reshape the community conditions specific to their local needs to enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods. They will work together to identify trouble spots, buildings with possible code violations, vacant lots being used for dumping trash, graffiti related offenses and other violations that affect the quality of life in the community. The prosecutor will work with the local citizens to develop a mechanism for community participation and strategic planning and will allow direct communication with our office.

The program is a collaboration with the Tulare County Probation Department, Health and Human Services, Sheriff’s Office and Community Services and Employment Training (CSET) Inc. Volunteers will be recruited in each community to serve on Neighborhood Accountability Boards (NABs). These volunteers will be screened and receive special training in order to serve on the Boards. The NAB serves as a "neighborhood court" and allows communities the opportunity to share directly in the responsibility of handling and correcting youthful transgressions. This is accomplished by levying sanctions such as restitution for damages, assigning community service, setting goals for youth competency development and making amends to the community and victims.




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